What Is Organic Breads?

Not everyone who likes to eat organic foods has the chance to do so on a daily basis. Most people will have to settle for the more mediocre fare of the same foods they have been eating for most of their lives. Other more fortunate people however, are able to enjoy organic foods on a more regular basis, and some of these people have also been blessed with the ability to bake, which gives rise (excuse the pun!) to organic breads.

Now youre wondering what on earth organic breads are, and whether they really do taste as if they were fresh sprung from the ground along with the carrots and the potatoes, theres only one thing that I have to say, Ha! Organic breads dont taste any different from your normal average everyday breads. In fact more than tasting different, people who eat organic breads and organic foods in general believe that they taste better to those of the normal non-organic, pesticide filled food varieties!

This is of course a hotly debated topic, because how can any one person truly accept what the taste buds of someone else are saying? They have to taste it for themselves and if theyre trying to compare the tastes of organically grown produce with that of conventionally grown produce theres always bound to be some differences.

That aside however, organic breads taste the same as normal breads and they are made in the same manner as normal breads. The main difference lies in the ingredients used to make the organic breads. Only organic flour, butter etc would be used when making organic breads. Essentially the recipe stays the same, its only the ingredients, or rather the manner in which the ingredients were produced, that is changed.

Organic for those of you who are unaware of it, is a term, or a definition of a farming process which shuns conventional methods of farming. Things such as chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are put away in favor of natural pesticides and fertilization methods. More over, genetically plant organisms are also rejected in the organic farming method. And in organic animal farming you will find that use of steroids and antibiotics is banned, and the animals receive only organic foods for themselves.

Therefore when someone tells you that they regularly bake organic breads, dont stare at them as if they had just grown two heads. All they have done is to continue on with their normal baking routines substituting organic products where necessary to make the organic breads.

On the other hand, if the person has never lifted a single finger in the kitchen before this, and they calmly announce that they have baked a batch of organic breads, you might do well to stare and be suspicious. Oh, and reach for the roll of antacids as well!


What Is Organic Foods? – Organic Food Definition

While most of us have heard about organic foods we may not have that much of an idea about what this term means. So where can you get this information without getting bogged down by the technical jargon. There are a number of different places like dictionaries, encyclopedias, television shows and even the internet. The main item to remember when you are looking for organic food definition is in many cases the standard answer.

The first thing to understand about organic food definition only covers the tip of the iceberg as the saying goes. Well the basics of organic food is quite simply food that is grown without any sort of man made substances being poured over it, around it and even inserted under it. The condition for the growing of the organic matter has to be composed of 100% natural environment.

Now that we have covered the organic food definition is short we should take a closer look at this subject. For any food to be classified as being an organic food it needs to be free from all genetically modified internal cell structures. The plant must be like the ones that you see growing in the wild but ones that we can eat without getting poisoned and their inner cell structure should not have been tampered with.

Next the land that you are choosing to plant these 100% organic plants should be absolutely free from all traces of chemicals. To allow the land time to recover from the abuse of these harmful products like chemicals and pesticides you should uproot any chemically treated plants. Then you will need to leave the land alone for about 2 to 4 years.

This time period will allow the land to recover from the various chemicals which were heaped on it. Once you are sure that the land is ready for planting begin by fertilizing the land with organic fertilizers. These fertilizers will help prepare the land for plants. The first phase of organic food definition includes the preparation of the land where the food is to be grown.

Now you can plant your organic plant into the soil. Using only techniques which are healthy for your garden or land you should make sure that friendly bugs and plants are used to protect your gardens harvest from plant hungry insects.

The entire combination package of chemical free land, organically produced plants and environmentally safe pesticides read spiders and ladybugs here along with protective, sweet smelling (to us that is) plants is what is ultimately meant by the organic food definition.


Why You Should Go Online For The Finest Ingredients

If you live just around the corner from a farm shop which stocks the finest cuts of organic meat, vegetables, cheese and other goodies from local farms, you are lucky. If you dont, you should pay a visit to some of the farm shops and other fine food retailers which have sprung up online.

Since the supermarkets have come to dominate the marketplace for day to day groceries, the best online food shops have differentiated themselves by offering a specialist quality and variety which the supermarkets are unable to match. As a result, for dinner parties and special occasions, your best bet for top quality ingredients may be an online butchers or farm shop.

Take venison, for example. If you are lucky enough to find a supermarket which stocks venison, the range is likely to be limited. But if you go online, you can buy directly from the highly acclaimed Fletchers hill farm in Fife, where they stock a huge range of fine venison products from their own free range herd. This enables you to buy the finest venison joints, fillets, sausages and other products, confident not only of the quality but also of the ethical farming practices behind them.

Other online farm shops specialize in organic produce. For example, Graig Farm has picked up numerous organic food awards for its extensive range of organic meat, vegetables and other produce, sourced from a group of organic farms in mid-Wales.

For succulent meat of all kinds, from beef and lamb to wild game, free range poultry, fish and seafood, pay a visit to Donald Russell. The meat they supply will cost you more than supermarket meat, but the quality is outstanding. Indeed, they are so confident in their produce that they guarantee your money back if youve ever tasted better!

Most of us cannot afford to enjoy meals made with the finest ingredients every day of the week, but for parties, Christmas and other special occasions, you can afford to spoil yourself. For more top quality online food shops, have a browse around the food and wine quarter in Ootown, the online town.